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2017 Autumn QTG Pure Polyurea Training Course is Registering

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Have you ever heard of the polyurea technology? And you must be motivated by the magic technology and devote yourself to the polyurea career.
However, the brutal reality tells you that not all kinds of polyurea have excellent quality as its original theory. Such as pin hole, pumping, delamination, pulling-off, peeling, gun blockage, crossover, balance-off and leakage, these have driven you mad and full of desperation. This is due to your incognizance of the real expert in this career—Prof. Weibo. Nowadays,you are perplexed by the issue that which one is the real polyurea, which has a great difference for your project. Hybrid, brushing polyurea and the third generation polyurea will confuse your decision. There will be a course at the core ‘One point application, nine point polyurea’ held by Prof. Weibo, enlightening your project.

We deeply invite you to (Qtech Training Group) and attending this course for polyurea technology, in which there are many successors and spreaders for polyurea technology born of Prof. Weibo. We have been dedicating ourselves to correcting the error in polyurea technology and guarding the quality for everyone in this career.

QTG (Qtech Training Group,QTG)was founded by the founder of polyurea technology in China,Prof. Weibo of Qingdao University of Technology. It was born in the jobsite of Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway Polyurea Protective Project which is the largest jobsite of polyurea in the world. QTG had been successfully held for 18 times and widely accepted the students' precious suggestions to add new part in the class. QTG features that linking theory with practice and the foresight bilingual teaching had received lots of praise from the majority of students at home (China mainland, Hong Kong Macao and Taiwan), and abroad. You can learn and share it at:
The 19th QTG will be held on 20th to 22th in October, 2017. The enrollment of QTG is beginning now; we look forward to your active participation.

Prof. Weibo: Doctor, Professor, doctoral tutor, founder of polyurea technology in China, PDA’s International director, chief scientist of Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway Polyurea Protective Proiect, Director of Shandong Institute of corrosion and protection, Experts were invited by the Qingdao Metro Industry Association. He’s engaged in researching on spray polyurea elastomer material technology and special functional materials more than twenty years, presided over the completion of the polyurea technology with independent intellectual property rights and make China the second country thathave this high-tech after the United States. He guided the polyurea in China catch up with the advanced world levels, and made a great contribution for the development of polyurea in China. He has guided many national key projects, such as Beijing Olympic Games Stadium, Beijing-Tianjin Inter-city Railway, Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, Shanghai Expo Pavilion, Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and so on. He import the polyurea and developed the SPUA in China, which make polyurea dominant in Chinese coating field.
Main lessons: Polyurea technology introduction, what is polyurea, processing and equipment basics, surface preparation, spray skills, polyurea related standards etc.
Ma Mingliang:Doctor,Associated Professor,Masters’ Tutor,He has long-term research on the polyurea and rich experience on Resin synthesis, properties characterization and data analysis. He has Published dozens of high-level papers at home and abroad.
Ding Guolei: Master, intermediate engineer, He is engaged in application of polyurea technology for a long time, has rich experience in engineering polyurea technology. He had participated in the Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and other major projects.
Main lessons: polyurea spraying process and equipment, spray skills in jobsite, Introduction and operation of test instrument.

 Chang Ruijing: Master, intermediate engineer, he has rich experience in engineering polyurea technology and participated in many projects.
Main lessons: polyurea spraying process and equipment, spray skills in jobsite, Introduction and operation of test instrument.
Characteristics of QTG
The authority of training institutions and professional teaching team
The host of QTG, R & D Center of Pure Polyurea in CHINA (CPPC) is the most authoritative Research and Development Institute and training institution of polyurea, It was founded by Prof. Weibo, the founder of polyurea technology in China. The teaching team consisted of senior professors from CPPC and experts with rich engineering experience. The members of teaching team with high theoretical level and rich engineering experience, engaged in the research and engineering application of polyurea technology for a long time, experienced and solved the key technical problems in the waterproof protection project of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, waterproof anti-corrosion project of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, anti-corrosion wear project of Tazelafushang gold mines, anticorrosive protection project of sewage treatment project pool of Beijing Automobile Company.

Teaching content: systematic and advanced
The products developed and reached by CPPC are in the advanced world level. The training course will systematically introduce CPPC’s latest research results include field of machinery, coal, mining, chemical, electric power, steel, port, wharf and other novel polyurea material, the latest progress of polyurea technology in China, USA and Europe, case study of construction technology and technical problems. Teaching content is systematic and advanced.

Teaching mode: theory combined with practice
QTG uses a combination of theory and practice teaching mode. Based on teaching theories systematically the system, it set up on-site construction practice project, from the substrate processing to operating equipment, and from the key technology to spraying operation. The teaching mode helped students systematically master the advanced and new technology, so it widely welcomed by students at home and abroad.

A full range of advanced professional equipment, all-round mastering of polyurea technology
Engineering application of polyurea technology depends on the professional spraying equipment. CPPC introduced various spraying equipment at home and abroad, including Gusmer's H20/35 machine, GX7-400 spray gun, Graco's HXP-3 machine, AP/MP spray gun, PMC's new PHX-40 machine, AP-2 spray gun and many kinds of domestic equipment for study. CPPC also collected over10 kinds of guns, and students can learn their performance and application according to our information data. Through the study of professional equipment, they will master the polyurea technology all round.

A strong influence in the world and China
Teaching both in Chinese and English, introducing a large number of foreign polyurea industry information, and increasing international technology exchange of polyurea, it is called the international polyurea training course. QTG attracted the students from many different places in the world, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, India, the United States, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore, etc.

 Past trainees evaluation
Mr. Ravi from Dubai: PDA told me how to dream, but QTG shows me how to realize the dream--Being a skilled polyurea engineer. I do believe that one day in the near future, there will be polyurea project with the highest standards in Dubai, a richest and gorgeous city.

Mr.Chen from Taiwan said that: I’ve learned Zero Extension Theory in this training, and learned the importance of maintain of the machine, and have known the widely usage of polyurea, we hope we can bring all these information back to Taiwan and improve the polyurea project in Taiwan, many thanks to Prof. Huang.

Mr.Qian from Zhengzhou said that: I’ve known about the history of polyurea though this training, had a new acquaint of the spray machine, had learn a lot from Prof. Huang.

Mr. Xu from Qingdao: it is my pleasure to hear Prof. Huang’s lecture on SPUA. Prof. huang combined theory with the application in jobsites, which made me have a deep acknowledge about polyurea and helped me a lot in my subsequent polyurea career. Above all, he also ensure that if he works on polyurea, he would be in the line with scientific and strict attitude and do contribution for maintaining and promoting polyurea.

Mr.Ryan from south Africa: The Chinese QTG training was more splendid than the America PDA training. What impressed me a lot was the high level of the training course and at the first I worried about the communication gap, but this was not a problem forProf. Huang’s English lectures were fairly understandable. He deserved to be the polyurea expert in the world.

How to Join
Main Organizer: R & D Center of Pure Polyurea in CHINA (CPPC)
Sponsor: Qingdao Shamu Advanced Material Co., Ltd.
Co-sponsor: Polyurethane Machinery Cooperation (USA) ,DeFelsko(USA)
Time:  20th-22nd, October 2017 (If changed, it will be informed in advance)
Hotel: Xueyuan Hotel Qingdao University of Technology– Qingdao
Address: No. 20 Fushun Road, Sifang District, Qingdao, Shandong
Tel: +86532-85071666
Airport: 26km away from the lobby, 73-minute-taxi  cost:70RMB.
Price:600usd per person
Training Schedule:

Time Content Place
1st 14:00-19:00 register and pay the fee Lobby of Xueyuan Hotel
2nd 8:00-8:30 register and assembly Lobby of Xueyuan Hotel
8:30-10:00 Visiting the polyurea jobsites
Going to the polyurea technology training spot
10:15-12:15 spraying technology - spraying practice at jobsite, spraying operating methods and skills, operation on the machine. Qingdao Shamu Advanced Material Co., Ltd.
12:15-13:30 Lunch and rest Resting room
13:30-17:00 Spraying polyurea practice. Qingdao Shamu Advanced Material Co., Ltd.
17:00-18:00 Return to Lobby of Xueyuan Hotel  Bus
3rd 8:30-12:00 Lectures on theory of polyurea technology No.1 Meeting Room in Xueyuan Hotel
12:00-12:30 Lunch and rest Canting in Xueyuan Hotel 
13:30-14:30 Visiting the jobsites in Qingdao University of Technology Qingdao University of Technology
14:30-15:30 Lectures on ployurea testing: operation on testing equipment The CCPC of Qingdao Technological University(QTU)
15:30-16:30 Summary, review and answering, examination, certification
Contact: Mr. Ma,Mr.Ju
Tel: 86-532-85071320
E-mail: spua_1@163.com

1. Every trainer should try every procedure by themselves, everyone should spray at least 5m2, and we’ll provide you with PPE, personal protective equipment, such as respirator, glove and glasses. Please wear suitable cloths and comfortable shoes.
2. Accommodation unified arrangements at you own expense, please fill out the following registration form and fax or email to QTG secretariat before 1st May for room reservation; Lunch and dinner are arranged at the school cafeteria.
3. The trainers who passed the test will be certified by Qingdao Technological University, signed by Prof. Weibo Huang (Please bring 2-inch photo for the certificates).
4. If you have any questions please feel free to contact QTG secretariat.

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Payment:       person(s)       dollar(s)  600usd/person