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Shamu sent its technician to the jobsite abroad

Published:2017-12-22  Source:ShaMu international  Hits:

“Leading Technology, Proven Quality, Serve for China, Face to the World”, Shamu always insist the idea of making the best polyurea and supplying high-qualitied service. In the past few days, there was a consumers having a project needing spraying polyurea. However, this was the first time of them to do polyurea project without any knowledge of polyurea. The technician from Shamu flied to the jobsite, ignoring the time differential, climate change and living abroad, for supplying the thorough and professional technology service, which obtained high praise from the customer.
At the jobsite, the technician taught the workers how to prepare the substrate, preserve the polyurea material, how to maintain the equipment and details during spraying polyurea. With the demonstration, the consumer solved many problems and avoided the accidents of the project.
As written in the APPLICATION PROVES: Under your elaborate instruction and professional demonstration, we conducted the special treatment for the pin holes, water outlets, and much boundary region, for instance, internal and external corners region. We finished the GWT successfully in time, since you provided the professional and technological service. Also, you did us a favor of water-seepage resistance, how to maintain the equipment properly and how to spray as uniform thickness. For the polyurea material, we know how to save and preserve material. Additionally, we have a clear knowledge of how to estimate the material consumption, the drying system and how to change the drums.
Thanks for Shamu and its technician and service and bringing the top polyurea technology to us. We believe your technology for polyurea is the best in China and top all around the world. We are sincerely satisfied with your high-qualified, timely and intimate service.  
Our company will consolidate the cooperation with you and apply more advanced technology in our building protection and reparation.