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Qtech-405 Anti-Electrostatics Industrial Floor Polyurea Mate




Qtech-405 Anti-Electrostatics Industrial Floor Polyurea

Production Description
Qtech-405 Anti-Electrostatics Industrial Floor Polyurea Material is the state of the art 100% solids, ultra fast cure, flexible, spray-applied, high build, and two components aromatic pure polyurea elastomer. The system consists of A component, a quasi-prepolymer rich of free NCO, and B component, a mixture of polyetheramines, amine extenders and other additives. Qtech-405 is used by itself or in combination with other materials to produce anti-electrostatics coatings, liners, wearing courses, and chemical resistant surface on concrete, metal and other substrates. Qtech-405 can produce an extremely tough film at all thicknesses; it may be applied in all positions and to any suitably prepared substrate. Qtech-405 is relatively moisture and temperature insensitive, allowing application in the most problematic ambient conditions.
1. Fast cure, short down time, no sagging.
2. Excellent Physiochemical Properties.
3. Bondable and paintable to various kinds of substrates.
4. Ambient insensitive, good thermal stability.
5. 100% Solids, No VOC’s, Odorless, No Toxic Vapors.
6. High elongation, no crack at alternate temperature.
7. Good resistance to a wide range of chemical attack.
8. Excellent Anti electrostatic, Skidding, Impermeable and Abrasion resistance.
9. Good weather ability, Added color stability.
10. Seamless, flexible, slick and non-porous.
Recommended Uses
Qtech-405 Anti-Electrostatics Industrial Floor Polyurea Material is an ultra fast cure system; it can be applied at thicknesses of several ten millimeters, or greater, in a single application. It can be widely used in Mechanical equipment room’s floorings, Pharmaceutical clean rooms and processing areas, Food and beverage handing and processing, Hospital labs, operating and emergency areas; it can also be applied in Stadium walkways, aisles, decks and stairs, Gymnasium areas and so on.

Physical Properties

Tensile Strength/ MPa




Tear Strength/( N/mm)


Shore Hardness


Abrasion Resistance /(GB/T 1689-1998, cm3/1.61km, mg)


Impact Strength/ Kg.cm


Adhesion /(Pull off, MPa)


Density/( g/cm3)


Electrical Breakdown Strength/( Mv/m)


Chemical Resistance

No corrosion, No Blister, No Spalling



Low Temperature Flexibility

No Cracking

Product Characteristics



VOC (calculated)


Gel Time/ s


Tack Free/s


Shelf Life

6 months, unopened at 15~40 ºC

Flash Point/ ºC


Mix Ratio V/V

1: 1

Recommended Spreading Thickness/mm




Drying time is temperature, humidity, and film thickness dependent.
Chemical Resistance
Consult our technicist and chemical test date for corrosive environment applications.
Consult our application information and recommended method statements.
•  Part A: 220 kilogram per drums.
•  Part B: 200 kilogram per drums.
Custom package available at additional charge.
1. Qtech product is intended for industrial use by properly trained professional applicators only.
2. Thoroughly mix container of B component with an air-driven power mixer for a minimum of 15 minutes prior to application.
3. Adding a nitrogen blanket is strongly recommended for use on the "A" component for storage after opening.
4. It is a 100% solids production, strictly prohibit add any diluents.
5. The quality and fitness of the product is depending upon the proper mixture and application of the component by the applicator.
6.This specification is an accumulation of long term testing and experience. Published technical data and instructions are subject to change without notice.
7.  For more information please consult the Qingdao Shamu International Trade Co., Ltd. or visit our website www.shamu-intl.com or www.polyurea.cn.