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Qingdao Shamu Advanced Material Co., Ltd. the most professional pure polyurea supplier in China, respects science and takes honesty and faith as the foundation of the career. Our company since its inception always gives top priority to product quality, and has developed series pure polyurea products with the latest technology and high quality, and has inaugurated the sample project, model project and monumental project of pure polyurea,which makes you project long-term undertaking with monumental merits that benefit the future!

Our company is widely recognized as one of the most professional and technically advanced formulators, inspectors, consulters, applicators and installers of polyurea protective coatings systems in CHINA and all over the world.

We provide global technical support on a level incomparable in polyurea industry. We maintain a full staff of technical engineers with complete specification and quality assurance capabilities in each application field. We also provided competent raw material preparation, chemical formulate, polyurea product supplier, industry solution, training, consulting, technical service, testing, supervision and quality control.

Our protective coatings provide a tough barrier that protects a variety of surfaces, concrete, steel, stone, wood, glass, polyurethane form, geo-textile fabric, plastics, polyester, EPS and so on.

Our company is specialized in providing more than 30 kinds of feature function products. They are engineered for extreme conditions, severe exposure, high traffic, water intrusion, corrosion protection, wear resistance, vibration damping, and radiation protection that stretch beyond the capabilities of conventional or even usual industrial protection coatings system around the world. Our products provide solutions for: Infrastructure Protection, Environment Protection, Corrosion Protection, Energy Absorption, Erosion Resistance, Abrasion Resistance, Water Proofing and many other solutions listed below. Our leading technology enjoyed good reputation among customers with proven quality and meet all variety need of requirement.

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