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Qtech-112 All Weather Surface Preparation System

Qtech-112 All Weather Surface Preparation System

Production Description
Qtech-112 all weather surface preparation system is independently developed by Qingdao Shamu International Trade Co., Ltd. and it is a china patent technology (Patent No: 200910017392.1). It is low solvent, ambient moisture and temperature insensitive, structural non-sag primer, putty, adhesive and repair material. It is formulated to applied at low temperature (-15 ºC), high temperature (100 ºC), high humidity (100%) environment and it is also allowing application in the most problematic ambient conditions. It is exhibits the optimum viscosity using for filling bug holes, pinholes, cracks on vertical or over head of concrete and other substrate repairing, Qtech-112 provides the high adhesion needed to create a sound substrate prior to application of coatings and linings such as Qtech series polyurea. Qtech-112 is polyurethane based single component or two component, high solids, liquid applied surface preparation material with unique penetrating characteristics.
1. High modulus, high strength, structural gel adhesive.
2. Non-sag gel for vertical and overhead applications.
3.  Creamy viscous consistency for easy filling of bug holes.
4.  Excellent adhesion to most difficult surface.
5.  Easy 1:1 mix ratio.
6.  Fast cure, rapid in-service times and long pot life.
7.  Application at -20 ºC to 100 ºC.
8.  Moisture insensitive for damp surfaces.
9.  Remains flexible in wide range of temperatures.
10.  Penetrates surface rust, crevices, and back-to-back angles.
11.  Chemical attack resistance.
Recommended Uses
•  Filling of bug holes, pin holes, cracks prior to coating or lining systems.
•  Vertical and overhead repairs.
•  Surface seals cracks prior to pressure injection of epoxy and polyurethane.
•  Injection into large cracks.
•  Structural bonding concrete, masonry, metals, wood, etc.
•  Primer for Qtech serials polyurea systems on concrete or steel.
•  Immersion and Non-Immersion conditions.
Physical Properties

Appearance: A component
                     B component

Transparent yellow liquid
Pale yellow liquid




0(no flow)

Tack free time/(25℃, RH60%, hrs)


Cure time/(25℃, RH60%, hrs)


Pot life/hours


Adhesion/(pull off, concrete, MPa)
                (pull off, Steel, MPa )


Viscosity/ (25 ºC, cps)


Shelf life /(25 ºC, months)


Solids /(By Volume, %)


(The above properties and values are highly dependent on temperature, equipment, and related parameters and slight are possible).
•  Part A: 25kilogram per drums.
•  Part B: 25 kilogram per drums.
(Custom package available at additional charge).
Freight Classification
Coating Solution Non-Flammable Liquid.
Surface Preparation
Surface must be clean and sound. It may be free of standing water. Remove dust, laitance, grease, curing compounds, and other bond inhibiting contaminants.
Mechanical methods such as sand blasting, shot blasting, grinding, sweep blast or high pressure water blasting are preferred. All surfaces should be clean and free from contamination. The surface should be assessed and treated in accordance with ISO 8504. The surface should accord to minimum SA 2.5, as per ISO 8501-1, for a visual assessment of surface cleanliness with an anchor of 75-100 microns.
Mechanical methods such as sand blasting, shot blasting, grinding, sweep blast or high pressure water blasting are preferred. The surface of concrete should be dry, smooth, and structurally sound. It should also be free of depression, scale, or foreign deposits of any kind. Remove all curing compounds, laitance and expose all voids. Use a good epoxy filler/mortar for bug hole filling, skim coat or repairs. All concrete should be tested for moisture.
Pre-mix each component thoroughly. Place 1 part by volume of component A and 1 part by volume of component B into a clean pail. Mix thoroughly for 3 minutes with low speed drill using agitator’s mixer until uniformly blended.
Applications Methods
After shot blasting to expose all bug holes, apply the first primer to bond substrates and putty. Work into the bug holes and scrape off excess material, applying the repaired putty to filling bug holes, pinholes and defects. Surface should be strike off level, and then apply the second primer. Allow Qtech-112 to become dry to the touch prior coating with Qtech serial polyurea system.
Application Conditions
       Air and surface: -20°C ~100 °C
       At least 3 °C above dew point
       No standing water on working surface
       Materials must be preheated to 15°C prior to use.
1.  Concrete must be fully cured and free of hydrostatic pressure if slab-on-grade.
2.   Not for injection of cracks under hydrostatic pressure.
1.   Store drums and pails in a cold, dry and ventilated location between 15°C and 40°C.
2.   Six months in sealed unopened containers.
3.   Keep away from fire and heat source.
4.   Keep away from rain and sun.
Read and understand the MSDS provided with all shipments. Always use products with adequate ventilation and use required PPE. For confined space use fresh air supply. For open air, use half face, twin cartridge respirators approved. Always protect eyes and skin. Strictly adhere to industry safety standards.
Uncured material can be removed with Qtech clean agent; cured material can only be removed mechanically.
Dispose of in accordance with local and international disposal regulation.
1. Reading and understand the production information.
2. This product is intended for industrial use by properly trained professional applicators only.
3. Adding a nitrogen blanket is strongly recommended for use on the “A” component for storage after opening.
4.  The quality and fitness of the product is depending upon the proper mixture and application of the component by the applicator.
5.  This specification is an accumulation of long term testing and experience. Published technical data and instructions are subject to change without notice.
6.  For more information please consult the Qingdao Shamu International Trade Co., Ltd. or visit our website www.shamu-intl.com or www.polyurea.cn.